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Arabic Caesarian Section - Islamic History and Current Practice

Author: M Al Fallouji   Published in:     Scottish Medical Journal 1993; 38:030

This article was originally written as a reply to the article written by Dr Hillan EM. Caesarian Section: Historical Background. Scot Med J 1991; 36:150-154.

Dr Hillan quoted a statement by Dr Young (1944) that: 

(Mohammedanism absolutely forbids caesarian section and directs that any child so born must be slain forthwith, as it is the offspring of the devil)!!! 

Dr Al Fallouji wrote a strong letter to the Editor in protest, asking for the reference used by the author.  It appeared later that there was no reference in support, so Dr Al-Fallouji wrote to the Editor, stating that Dr Young and Dr Hillan were like a blind leading another blind!

In response, the Editor invited Dr Al Fallouji to write a Full Article instead of 'Letter to the Editor'.  The Editor promised to put the reply article in the front section of the Journal for clear factual correction.  However, on publication, Dr Al Fallouji's correcting article was put at the very end of the Journal!

Nevertheless, Dr Fallouji's article attracts immense interest with huge requests for reprints.

Latterly, the Editor was kind enough to write a letter by hand to Dr Fallouji, which was informative, and highlighted the lack of knowledge among the Westerners, when writing about the History of Arab-Islamic Medicine and Science. 

The Editor's Letter is included here together with Dr Al Fallouji's correcting article.

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