Mission Statement

IHAMS  (Institute for History of Arab-Islamic Medicine and Sciences)

is a charitable bi-lingual Anglo-Arabic educational organisation dedicated to the field of History of Arab-Islamic Medicine and Sciences; It was established as a preferred site for all intelligentsia (social class of people engaged in complex mental and creative labor directed to the development and dissemination of culture), encompassing intellectuals, doctors, historians, philosophers, academics, and other related social groups, such as teachers and artists.

IHAMS was founded with the following aims:

1. As a Reference Library on the History of Arab-Islamic Medicine ad Sciences.   IHAMS has a vast collection of articles and publications (in the History field of Arab-Islamic Medicine and Sciences) for FREE-downloading.  Furthermore, IHAMS is continuously scanning, scrutinizing and skimming through the extensive World literature, selecting the best pick of the elite and excellent peer-reviewed articles (the crème de la crème in their field), and incorporating them within IHAMS website articles, and finally presenting them FREE for research purposes.

2. As a Research Centre in the History of Arab-Islamic Medicine and Sciences with the contribution of original articles.   Furthermore, Research Articles and/or Power-Point show presentations and/or You-Tubes relating to teh Arab-Islamic Sciences may be contributed by contacting the IHAMS Director directly for FREE publication on IHAMS website.

3. As an Audio-Visual Centre for Public Awareness in the History of Arab-Islamic Medicine/Sciences and their influence on European Medicine and Sciences.  IHAMS is always searching and continuously skimming through the extensive videos reservoire of you-tubes, selecting the crème de la crème and incorporating them within IHAMS Audio-Visuals, for sake of public awareness.

4. As a Gateway to The World, and a Window to the IHAMS-related and Useful International websites.  IHAMS is inter-linked to the best websites of international educational institutions and inter-connected to the very best academic establishments with similar interests.  IHAMS therefore, brings the whole World at your finger-tips.


The spectrum of IHAMS educational activities encompasses:

-  Free on-line articles, shows and audios,

-  A unique Free reference library.

-  Excellent window to websites, and a gateway to best educational institutions and museums with similar interests.

-  A selection of Free cultural videos that promote the spirit of love, tolerance, and moderation with others.

-  A Phoca Gallery of photos and images of famous physicianc, scientists, authorities, books, or institutions in the Arab-Islamic History.

-  On-line courses in history of Arab-Islamic Medicine and Sciences and their application to our contemporary life.

-  Linguistic educational cross-fertilisation between East and West.